Google Now on Sony WT19i with ICS AOSP ROM

Install Google Now on Live with Walkman WT19i without Jelly Bean

WT19i Live with Walkman

Google Now is really one of the most talked about Jelly Bean Android 4.1 features of today. It is a service that allows the Android phones to get the instant information that may be required. You can compare it to Siri to some extent as it provides the info with precognition.

Google Now was meant to be only for Jelly Bean Android platform. And Jelly Bean is far for a few phones. But do not worry. This is not the case any more. Thanks to the Android developers team that the phones that do not run jelly Bean shall also enjoy the benefit of Google Now. We would like to give the credit of this development to Developer febycv of the XDA-Developers community. He came up with the development wherein any device that can run the ICS AOSP ROM can run Google Now. Now, this is really amazing news.

As you already know that Androidust has special affinity towards Live with Walkman users, we would love providing immediate updates to them. So, what we thought is, as ICS AOSP Blood Polish ROM for WT19i is quite stable and useful, all those running this ROM can try Google Now feature. The link for ICS AOSP Rom for WT19i is here:

But remember, this is something really tricky and before you try anything like that kindly take the back up of your phone and also go through the disclaimer as given below.

Disclaimer: The trick to install Google Now on Sony WT19i with ICS is a bit new and thus you need to be very much confident and technically clear while trying it. You should take it up at your risk. We should not be held responsible for anything that happens with your phone. It is vital to note that we have just compiled this method from XDA (official link provided at the end of the post).

How to Install Google Now on Live with Walkman with ICS

  1. The very first thing you need to do is root WT19i on ICS AOSP ROM.
  2. As per the developer’s suggestions and recommendations, it would be better to use Root Explorer and Text Editor (however, alternatively you can also access files through SSH).
  3. If you are using Root Explorer then Navigate to /System. (Even in SSH client of your choice you can do it the same way).
  4. Now open file build.prop in Text Editor.
  5.  Edit the string for “” to “ = 16” then save.
  6.  Navigate to /system/app and rename the file “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” to “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1
  7. That’s it. Now you must only reboot your device and install Google Now. You will find the download here.

So, even Sony WT19i can run Google Now and there’s no need for Jelly Bean for that. If at all you try installing Google Now on Sony LWW with ICS AOSP ROM, kindly provide your feedback here. Also, let us know how you found this new feature.


P.S. We have not tried this trick personally. But we would be happy if any leading developer tries the same and  share the screen shots as well as experiences with our readers.

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