Google Maps turn by turn navigation in India for all Androids

Have an Android ? Get Turn by Turn Voice Navigation Facility for Google Maps in India.

Google turn by turn Navigation for IndiaIf you are one of them who are frustrated for not having Voice based turn by turn navigation in India on google Navigation or maps then you are at the right place. No one is aware of the reason as to why has Google disabled the amazing facility on Android in India that would have rocked the tech world? By default, Google has put disability on the functional turn by turn navigation on Android. This is the case in India as well as in few other countries. Firstly, let us learn that what exactly is turn by turn voice navigation facility? This is a GPS facility that is voice enabled. Your search becomes pretty simple and whether you are looking for a food place or gas station or any hospital this successful navigation app will guide you thoroughly. But sadly, Google has disabled turn by turn navigation on Android in india.

But as we know someone always has a solution, a member of XDA-Developers used the handle Brut.all and took up enabling of the turn by turn navigation facility. This was done by hacking Google Maps. With this the turn by turn navigation was enabled for all the countries. However, even though Brut.all started everything successfully, it did not continue with the same. This handle did not move ahead later on and the task was then developed by China developers. But XDA-Developers always keep latest and updated info on its thread in relation to modded Maps apk files. Here’s the full thread at the XDA-Developers.

How to install turn by turn Navigation for India.

This is not that painful rather the installation is pretty simple. If you are planning to install the same then here are the details:

  • First step is to wipe the data completely and get Google Maps uninstalled. You will also have to uninstall street view.
  • The second and most important step is to copy the apk files that are available for downloaded at the XDA-Developers and then you should copy the same to the phone.
    Here you can download the files.
  • Before you install the turn by turn navigation apk manually, you should enable installation Unknown Sources. For this First go to settings and then go to applications and then enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now launch any of the file browser or App installer to install the Navigation apk which you saved on your phone. It is your choice that whether you want to use Astro or file manager and install maps apk file.
  • Reinstall street view

Now, it actually does not matter where you are or from which country you are operating, your turn by turn navigation facility is on to help you out. However, this is not the only installation method. You can get more such methods to enable turn by turn navigation for Google Maps on Android in India or in any other country.

There are few other alternative methods to install. You can always check the XDA-forum link which we have given for reference.
Since your Android phone is made for a functional aspect or for multi level utility you should be able to use the facilities and functions that it has. Brut has helped almost everyone who owns an Android and want the turn by turn function work for them internationally. This multi functional or multifold phone should be utilized to the maximum extent so as to get fruits out of its functional tasks and features.


  1. Just wanna ask is it safe I mean later ill be able to update map later from market(google play).


    • Yes Ahmad, These two applications will be independent like two separate apps. So u can have both at the same time :)

  2. Abhinav kumar says:

    Firstly will it update the Google map from play store.. If yes then won’t it replace the modem app withe the updated original gmap!!

  3. Google Navigation apk file are not available in given link.
    Help me where to download.

  4. I’m unable to find the download files on the link provided. It says that the forum is closed. Could you please help me with that. my email is

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