Google Android Virus And Malware Threats – Facts and Remedies

Technological changes have always created better impacts on society. But along with that there are a few threats that would always come up. Just like computers have faced virus and malware threats, even mobile technology has come into this cover now. Smartphones and tablets have been under several Malware threats and in recent times Android has faced so much of disturbance. Since Google has made Android open it surely has several benefits. But the problem is the security issues would be on the higher regards. With this open space, Google Android has virus and malware threats to the maximum. But Google is making its’ point clear by telling that malware threats  are not at all concerning Google Android phone. It is the antivirus makers who are connected to spreading of such stores for personal benefits. But what exactly is the reality? On the other hand security experts indicate that security issues on Android phones have actually been a matter of concern and the complaints have risen to a considerable extent in this year.

How big are these threats?

Experts have suggested that mostly it is Trojans that have got into the damaging area and not the traditional viruses. But this is not the only threat that such platforms are facing. They are even facing a few scams wherein emails accounts on the phones are hacked, phishing scams have occurred and so on. Few months back Google has admitted of having several infected apps which affected many handsets. Since then many suspicious Apps have been removed from Android market. These dodgy applications bypasses security controls and hands access to the hackers including personal info and passwords. But right now, staying to the point, the malware and virus threats that come in the way of Google Androids should be solved immediately. This would be possible only when the non-vetted apps and the applications therein should be studied and reviewed thoroughly. Only when the reviewed part becomes strict there can be some relief from the Android virus and malware problem. We users can have an eye on access requests by apps

Google’s response on increasing threats

Just last week Google was told to remove 50 apps from Android market. In fact studies indicate that around 2.6 lakh Smartphones have been affected with the virus infected android apps. The apps that were found to be infected had DroidDream which is a malware program.

Google played a smart role wherein it started the kill switch and removed the infected apps from the androids that had got affected. Google is now on the way to certain awareness programs wherein it is making the users alert about Google Android Virus and Malware Threats. They are sending alerts about the malicious programs and infected apps that would take a negative run on their Smartphones.

What users can do prevent infection?

Android-permission comparison

Comparison of two wallpaper apps access request.

While installing apps from Android market, keep an eye on access permissions you usually blindly grand just before installing each apps. For eg: A wallpaper or screen-saver app would never require access to your account info or location service. This would give you an idea if the application is requesting access to do more than what it needs to do. If you have a task-manager installed, intermittently have a look on running apps in background and remove the suspicious apps which keeps on running without user intent.
Many apps you trust and download might be an infected clone of the original app.

Anti-virus for Android?

I would recommend to have either of these two popular Anti-virus apps. These guys fixed my PC and gave me this recommendation initially, and now I pass it onto you.

Lookout Free Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus

Google has taken a lot of measures to reduce increasing vulnerabilities. The latest versions of Android is immune to DroidDream attacks.

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