Get the Flavor of Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM Leak

Galaxy S3 ROM Leaks

It has become a known fact that Samsung Galaxy S3 will go on official sale from 30th May only. There are many android geeks, who want to get the flavor and taste of S3, even before this date. For them there are a few ways and means which we are going to discuss here.

But before that, we would also like to put light on the remote rooting of Galaxy S3 that happened a couple of days back. It would surely create some anxiety among the users that even though the phone was not in hand, how the developer could root it. But yes, the developer did it. It was the Genius Chainfire. Here’s the post that discusses about remote rooting of Galaxy S3:

Now coming back to the point, Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM has leaked. Where? How? When? Well, here are the details! Today, we received news about a leaked ROM containing features like Android 4.0.4 and latest iteration of TouchWiz. Yes, you read it right; this all belongs to the S3. But now you will get a chance to use it even before Galaxy S3 has released. You can use this ROM on any Android phone running Android 4.0 ICS.

This Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked ROM has created havoc among the members of XDA as well as the fan followings. This could surely be kind of a shock for all those who have pre-ordered Galaxy S3 and thought that they were the prime customers getting the S3 features experience. Rather, the others aware of this ROM or reading this right now would be luckier as they would get a chance some 10 days prior to those who would get the handset around 30th May.

Now, let us discuss the main features of Galaxy S3 ROM Leak:


Pop Up Play

Smart Stay

Yes, these three amazing features of Galaxy S3 ROM can make your Android handset experience much like S3. You can download the ROM. It is a big file and is a bit time consuming. But if you are adventurous enough to do that we would appreciate your guts. But kindly, go through the disclaimer as given below.

 Disclaimer: Galaxy S3 leaked ROM is a tremendous large file of around 800 MB. You can download the same from the link as given ahead in this article. But you should do this at your own risk. This is APK version of S-Voice feature of S3. But if while downloading the file or installing the ROM anything goes wrong with your phone we shall not be responsible for that.

Download ROM from here (XDA Offical thread)

 S Voice APK

How to Flash Galaxy S3 ROM Leak on your Android

Extract Firmware

Open included ODIN

Get into Recovery Mode

Factory Reset

Wipe Cache

Take out battery and insert it again

Put handset in download mode

Click PDA and select *.tar.md5

Click Start

Note: It is important to note that we have derived this info from sources like XDA and Android Police. This is for information purpose. We have not yet tested this on any Android. Kindly go ahead only if you know what you are doing or if you have good technical knowledge.

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