Galaxy S3 to get Jelly Bean Official Update in Q3 or Q4

Autumn will bring good news for Samsung Galaxy S3 users

Cold winter months shall approach soon. But it is anticipated that Jelly Bean update on Galaxy S3 will be before those winter months. Don’t you think that’s amazing news? Well, definitely it is. Sam Mobile website which is not actually the official Samsung website is also a reliable site for news on Samsung. The site claims that they could find out for some inside sources that Jelly Bean 4.1 on Galaxy S3 will come up soon. In fact the official Jelly Bean update on Galaxy S3 should be at the end of Q3 or at the start of Q4. This means that you can expect the good news somewhere around October.

Samsung has not yet announced anything on this. However, we know how thrilled they would be to keep this news under wraps at this point in time. But steadily such news should spread like wildfire. Some rumor round ups also go to the extent and claim that Samsung engineers are busy testing Android Jelly Bean 4.1 on S3 and that’s why after testing is done, the official rolling would begin.

As per more news available from Sam Mobile website, we could also extract the info that some movement is also going in Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note fields. Just when Galaxy S3 gets an official Jelly Bean update, the next is the line can be Samsung Galaxy S2. Juicy Jelly Bean update is also expected on Galaxy Note ad the new Galaxy Note2.

It would really be awesome to have the super duper hit Jelly Bean on Samsung’s popular phones. Really, this is surely going to add charm and more features to the mentioned handsets. So, now what we can do is just wait desperately for the official Android 4.1 updates. Do share with us your views on this. How do you feel? Will you wait for the official Jelly Bean roll out on Galaxy S3 or rather you would prefer using a custom ROM like CM10.


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