Galaxy Pocket Themes, Custom ROM and CWM Coming Soon

Thread for Samsung Galaxy Pocket Development added at XDA Forum

A few months back we had posted tutorial as to how to root Samsung Galaxy Pocket. But after that we could not post any major tutorial on this subject because there were no developments seen in the developers’ world in connection to Samsung Galaxy Pocket. However, we could find many people requesting custom ROMs for Galaxy Pocket. The demand factor was quite large. We could see many requests at XDA as well as other reputed forums in relation to Galaxy Pocket ROMs and Themes. But there were no responses to such requests.

Now, we have good news for you. We are sure this will cheer up Samsung Galaxy Pocket users because it seems that the following might come up for Galaxy Pocket soon:

CWM for Galaxy Pocket

Galaxy Pocket Themes

Galaxy Pocket ROMs

Just like Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Pocket created a fan base or user base for itself. In fact, in the Android market, this phone is considered as even below the Galaxy Mini 2. But that should not make you feel down. Good thing is, even though it bears an affordable price tag, it is loaded with some really good features and specs. Be it the design or the look, it truly is an attractive Android handset. Now, just think how amazing it would be to customize your Galaxy Pocket the way you want. Well, this seems to happen sometime soon.

You will ask that how did we realize this. Well, we had been detecting Galaxy Pocket developments since the start. Today we came across a thread at XDA forum as started by Senior member Androsamace. The thread link is given at the end of the post. However, this thread is still under development and we will need to practice some levels of patience. There have been reservations made for root, CWM, ROM developments and themes.

We heartily thank the developer who thought of creating a special thread for a low range phone like Samsung Galaxy Pocket. But since this handset has a super large user base, it would surely be a treat to look forward to Samsung Galaxy Pocket ROMs, CWM for Galaxy Pocket and some such developments soon.

We hope that with this news we were able to make your day. Do let us know how desperate you are to receive the updates and developments on this. Kindly check this page for further developments. Stay tuned.

Galaxy Pocket Thread at XDA:

Update: On the above mentioned thread ( you will be able to see CWM for Galaxy Pocket. Yes friends, ClockworkMod for Samsung Galaxy Pocket can be installed as per the procedure mentioned in the thread.

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