Flash DDLP8 Official ICS Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

DDLP8 Official ICS Firmware for Galaxy Note N7000

There’s some amazing news for Galaxy Note N7000 owners. Your Android will now get an official ICS 4.0.3 update. This is an Over the Air update and it is available via KIES. If you are using custom ROM then you can get an update with manual method. Normally, it won’t matter that which country you belong to or which firmware your Note has as this update does not involve bootloader.

Even though, this is an official ICS update for N7000 as released by Samsung inIndia, we would like to clarify that in case any issues occur, then Androidust should not be held responsible for the same. Kindly read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: As such no issues should occur with this update. But we expect you to move ahead at your own risk.  

Note: It is also important to note that this update will unroot the device if the Smart phone already uses a rooted firmware. Also, this update won’t root the device.  This update is for Galaxy Note N7000 only.

Kindly take proper back up of the phone data (do not use KIES).

Close antivirus suites and software.

Charge the handset to the extent of 60-70 percent. This will avoid any sort of hurdle in the update process.

Enable USB debugging this way: On N7000 go to Settings>Applications>Developments>USB debugging should be checked.

We hope you have read the notes and disclaimer thoroughly. Now here are the downloads that will be needed for successfully executing the procedure.

 Download these two files on your PC:

 DDLP8 4.0.3 Firmware Package


Procedure to Flash DDLP8 Official ICS Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note N7000


Switch off Galaxy Note as get into the download mode. For getting into download mode you must press these three buttons: Volume down key plus OK together with Power Button. Now press Power up key and you will get into the download mode.

Open ODIN on the PC.

Along with your handset, you might have received the USB cable.  Connect the phone with the PC (let the ODIN stay open only) with the help of USB cable.

Now, as soon as the connection is installed you will be able to see a yellow light at ID:COM on ODIN. This is a positive indication and it says that drivers are installed properly. (If there is an issue and you do not see yellow light then you may have to install drivers again on the PC and also in the settings check out that KIES option is ticked or unticked before the phone is connected to PC. If it is unticked, then tick it.)

Now, click on “PDA” tab to select “N7000DDLP8_N7000ODDLP5_N7000DDLP4_HOME.tar.md5”

Click on Start.

This will start the update process.

After the update is flashed, the device gets rebooted.

Now, disconnect the connection between phone and PC so that the phone can enter into recovery.

For getting into recovery, press Volume Down key plus OK and along with these two Power button.

When you get into the recovery mode, you must Factory Reset.


Select Cache partition.


Reboot system now (with volume rocker keys).


With this procedure you will be able to update Galaxy Note with official DDLP8 firmware (ICS).


We hope you got your share of the update. Kindly revert back and let us know about your experiences with DDLP8 4.0.3 Firmware update.


  1. got struck with the phone, just yellow triangle is on homescreen, cant able to get homescreen. pls help. and pls let me know how to unroot samsung galaxy note. plz help.

    • ammuneepa says:

      It may be the kernel problem. Just flash LP8 kernel using pc odin. If it not works, flash GB Stock firmware using pc odin.

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