First custom ROM for Micromax A75 – Good News for A75 owners

Android development community has always appreciated Ninad Chaudhari’s efforts and whenever he comes with some development, it is truly a rocking one. A few days back he came up with the very first ROM for Micromax A75 and he posted the details on XDA forum. You can check out the information given below to get a clear idea about what this ROM has for the users.

About new Micromax A75 ROM

The first and the foremost thing that you need to know about this new ROM is that it is a real system .img which you have to flash. Yes, this is not a zip flash able file. The reason Ninad gives for this is, since users lack recoveries .img will help out. Ninad indicates that, this ROM has the following feature set:

  •  Sysrw, sysro, scripts added
  • Full bash
  • Added shell scripts support
  • Better compatibility
  • MIUI icons sets
  • De-Odexed apks
  • Ice Cream Sandwich looks
  • OSX Sound
  • ICS keyboard
  • ICS fonts
  • MIUI Music app
  • Gingerbread default launcher
  • Over scroll addition
  • Host files added
  • Better Battery icon
  • Better battery efficiency
  • S99 Supercharger script
  • Less no. of bugs

The list of features goes on and on. It is too long. If you are impressed with the features that we have mentioned and you wish to get into detail then you can go through this link of XDA forum given at the end of the article will give you more idea on the features.

But it is important to note that, this ROM is still in the developmental stage. There are some issues with the framework and developer Ninad is still working on that. There are some issues with setting apps also. But if you still wish to try this, you can download it from this link: UB-A75-1

Disclaimer: The information that has been produced here is with reference to the developer’s post at XDA forum. This ROM is still in the beta stage and changes are expected to come up. Downloading or using it can be risky at this point in time. Therefore we recommend you to wait for a while till the update procedure. However, if you still wish to continue then you must move ahead at your own risk.

How to install Custom Rom on Micromax A75

As we all know we need a rooted Micromax A75 to install any custom ROM. If your phone is not rooted then check the link and have it rooted first with procedure mentioned there. Once you have your phone rooted, come back here and follow these steps to flash this first ever custom ROM for Micromax A75.


The flashing procedure is almost same as with ROOT4 system.

  1. Launch the flashing tool
  2. While on the flashing tool, replace the original system with the UB-A75-1 system
  3. Rest of the procedure is same as we do in the ROOT4 system.
  4. Reboot


Hola ! you have the first ever custom ROM for Micromax A75. Enjoy !

For any reference you can check this XDA forum thread.



  1. is it android 4 rom or just looking like 4 rom??

  2. not working. after this process my phones display is shaking up and down vigourously. could you help.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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