Facebook’s Buffy Android Smartphone to be Released Next Year

Android Smartphone from Social Networking Giant Coming Next Year

There’s buzzing news that has come up on the Android front. Social Networking Site Facebook is about to launch an amazing Smart Phone next year. This is what the news reports suggest. As per New York Times anonymous sources, perhaps it will be next year when this Facebook Smart phone will come into existence.

This news caught attention with the rumors that Facebook has hired staff for the Smart Phone business. For this business, Facebook has mostly hired those who have previously worked in iPhone or Smart Phone work area.

Facebook which has recently floated its shares in the stock market has launched mobile app store. In the current scene it is seen that The App Center provides links to Facebook enabled apps with in Android or iOS store. But soon this will come up as an exclusive thing in the Facebook store. Thus, it is definitely a chance that Facebook Founders will create Facebook Phone otherwise it will merely remain an app on other phones.

We have been hearing rumor round ups on Facebook creating a Smart Phone for quite some time. In fact, we heard this news as early as in 2010. But this project is no more potent because this is an old thing now. Also, Facebook was doing that thing quite secretly and also it might have secretly shelved the same due to the changing demand patterns of the consumers on the Smart Phone platform.

Facebook which is a familiar name in stock market as well feels that the concern right now is the advertising part because most of the people prefer accessing Facebook through mobile phones and thus there should be some changes made in the business strategy.

Even though the company has not made too much of openness on this issue, it believes that every phone that is deeply social makes a good name in the market. Facebook says that, “We’re working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers to bring powerful social experiences to more people around the world.”

With the above discussion it seems that probably next year the Facebook Smart Phone should be launched. This year probably the company will undergo too much of testing, holding meetings, researching and then taking some potent decisions over the issue. Since Facebook is now also associated with investors’ expectations and desires, Mark will have to take steps very carefully.

Leaks also suggest that the Smart Phone in concern is given a code name Buffy. Some days back it was rumored that Buffy would perhaps be made by HTC. Thus it would be HTC-Facebook Smart Phone. It is still not clear as to what the future holds. This deal may turn out to be productive. But there are higher chances that Facebook would create the hardware on their own.

So, what do you think over the entire thing? What will happen? Will Facebook create the Smartphone on its own or it will give this contract to HTC? Comment here and share your views. We would love to know what you feel over this. Will Facebook become a renowned and reputed name in hardware also? Also, what do you think what will be Facebook Smart Phone release date?

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