Explore Sony’s New Xperia App from Mid- September

Sony’s Smart Connect App is really Smart and Cool

IFA 2012 was a landmark event in real sense. Sony wants to change its image and it has shown the proof this time at IFA. We have no doubts that Sony has tremendous potential. The only thing it needs to speed up is the software update. Yesterday we had posted information about the new phones that Sony had unveiled at IFA 2012 including Xperia T, Xperia V etc. Today, we are going to cover information about the new app that Sony wishes to release in mid-September. Just read on the information given below thoroughly.

At IFA 2012 Sony has announced new Xperia app. You must be aware that the current Xperia phones have LiveWare manager. Smart Connect App for Xperia shall replace this LiveWare manager in Xperia. Believe us; this will surely help you enjoy a better footage. The features that this new Xperia app has are much beyond the LiveWare. So, be ready for a positive change from September.

Now, you will ask that what the function of Smart Connect app is. Well, with this app you will be able to set up different functions for each event. In one way you can say that this is the lite version of Tasker. Let me elaborate on this now for better idea. If you wish to start sports app and you do so by touching Xperia SmartTag, this act will also turn on GPS with a particular volume setting. When you plug your handset into some device then in that case you will also see that TV launcher has started or may be Wi-Fi has started.

Xperia Smart Connect App really seems to be quite interesting. Thus, you can understand that with this app you will be able to create your own events. You can also choose the pre-defined events. We are sure Sony Xperia users would be thrilled when they get a chance to use this app. It is important to note that this app is compatible with Android devices that run on Android 4.0 or above. It will be available since mid-September and you can download the same from Google Play.

Sony Corporation has also explained that Xperia V will have Smart Connect app pre-installed in it. But this app will also support Sony Androids as well as other Android devices with ICS 4.0 and above. With this app you will be able to customize your device in a perfect manner and in the way you desire.

Picture Source: http://developer.sonymobile.com/2012/08/30/create-smart-connections-to-accessories-using-sonys-new-smart-connect-app-video/

Update: Xperia Smart Connect App is now Live on Google Play Store.

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