Droid Fighter Aka Droid RAZR HD on the Way with Model Number XT926

Verizon Cellebrite Systems provide Glance of Motorola Droid RAZR HD

We understand that how the desperation and temptation to know the exact release date increases every single day. But still, we are not able to provide you an exact release date but surely provide you evidence showing that Droid RAZR HD is on the way. We anticipate that within the next month everything will be officially confirmed.

If you need evidence as to how we can say this, just read on. The big HD phone was spotted in the Cellebrite system of Verizon. Cellebrite system is one of the systems as available at Verizon to keep track of the retail items that are there mainly for the third parties. One of the forum posters came up with this news and so we thought to present it to you without any delay. Just look into the picture as given below.

The picture indicates( Source: Droidlife) that Droid RAZR HD previously code named as Droid Fighter is on its way with the model number XT926. This rumor round up should be the final one and we feel that now it should be official news announcement only.


But since this is the most awaited phone it has created some buzz like Galaxy S3. The rumor round ups for Galaxy s3 also was quite prominent. We hope that post Motorola Google deal, Droid RAZR HD should be the upcoming flagship phone with the features that we have already discussed in our previous posts on Droid Fighter. However, to check them again, just go through the specs.

  • A 720p HD Super AMOLED Display
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Build 4.0.3)
  • 13 megapixel ( f2.4 aperature from EXIF data )
  • Full HD video recording

As per the EXIF files data leak it seems that Razr HD will run on out of the box Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Even though the spec sheet has limited data, one can make out that the rear camera can have aperture of f2.4 which has some similarity with iPhone 4S. Also, the prospective HD feature should impart the device with high-definition screen resolution.

Apart from the above leaks from previous posts we expect that this Android shows up with an unlockable bootloader. This is surely going to be a treat for Android fans.

We hope, this has provided some hint to the fans that in around 2 months time Droid RAZR HD should show up. So, just wait and watch for Droid RAZR HD release date and specs.

Update:30th May 2012

As it is known that Motorola Droid RAZR HD is going to be the first HD display phone, it has surely collected good hype. As per PocketNow reports Droid RAZR HD’s international version that will be sold outside USA will bear the name as Vanquish. The model number would be XT925 LTE version. For Vanquish UMTS version the model number would be XT923.

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