Disable Bloatware on T-Mobile HTC One S

Tutorial to Hide/Disable Bloatware on T-Mobile HTC One S


HTC One S is a rocking handset and it deserves the privilege to get users’ appreciation. T-Mobile HTC One S is a perfect combination of a functional handset as accompanied with the affordability feature. T-Mobile HTC One S runs Ice Cream Sandwich and thus you are surely going to fetch the best performance out of it.

But the real issue is, just like any other carrier even T-Mobile brings in some bloatware issue on the mobile phone. When you first have this phone in your hands it will have loads of useless apps which you would desperately want to remove. Removing bloatware, useless apps etc would really help in enhancing the speed of HTC One S. Also, disabling such app processes would help them get completely hidden in the background. Actually, fundamentally, you will only be able to disable, not remove them completely. But that will also work a lot for you.

Here’s a simple tutorial to guide you as to how to disable bloatware on T-Mobile HTC One S

1. On your HTC One S go to to Settings > Apps > All. This step will give you the list of apps that are present on your phone.

2. Tap on the app that you wish to disable or hide in the background.

3. You will see that there is a word Disable that will appear. Tap on that button.

4. You will be happy to see how this will make the app disappear from the home screen.

Also, there will be disappearance from app drawer.

Again, we would like to remind you that there is no such process where such bloatware can be completely removed. We are merely hiding the process in the background or for that matter we can say that we are disabling the useless app.

We are not against T-Mobile’s apps but most of them are spam. This is something that the carriers use for getting more money from the users. We have seen these things with other carriers as well. Mostly people would not want to use T-Mobile’s mail service. But still, it is available as an app. You always have a choice to disable the same.

If you wish to completely remove these apps then you only have one choice and that is root the Android. Rooting T-Mobile HTC One S can give you a chance to remove all the bloatware completely. But this process is a bit complicated and we expect that before you get into any such process, you should have technical knowledge (You can refer to the tutorials for rooting on our site). Also, rooting HTC One S makes the warranty of the phone void. Thus, there is a risk which many people would not like to take. Also, rooting android phone has a risk of phone data loss or damage.

There was a time when rooting was considered as a tedious and long procedure. But the credit for simplification of the procedures go to the hard-working developers who toil and find simple one click programs and tools that would help you in rooting the phone by simple methods. In fact, after rooting the phone, when you feel to unroot your Android , even that won’t take much time and energy. Thus with the help of simple rooting methods you can gain ultimate power over your android phone. You will get access to the super app called as Super user app which is mother of all apps.



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