CyanogenMod Removes ROM Manager and Embraces OTA

CM Drops ROM Manager and Replaces OTA

If you are an ardent Android lover then we are sure you must be in touch with all the CyanogenMod team developments also. This is because CM Team is an efficient custom ROM team that helps Android fans to get a perfect customizable experience with their Android devices. Here we have some exciting CyanogenMod news for you. Just read on for details.

CM Team has taken a decision to drop ROM Manager and rather than that embrace OTA. It’s true that ROM Manager was a potent standard or platform for CyanogenMod updates. ROM Manager was quite efficient and useful service provider for CyanogenMod team. And now when there’s a sudden drop in ROM Manager for CyanogenMod Team, it is definitely going to surprise the users. Also, there’s a concern among CM fans that whether ROM Manager’s replacement would help in enhancing the experiences or demote the same. Well, if you have faith in CM then such a question should not arise because normally the decisions that CM Team takes are strategically wise for CM as well as the users.

CM Team is developing its own updating system. The team is planning for an Over the Air Update system. CyanogenMod says that this would be more convenient. Also, the new updater would check the updates at certain intervals and pull the update from whenever it is available. Also, users would easily be able to install nightlies, monthlies, and new as well as old stable builds.

Even though ROM Manager is no more part of CM Team, it will continue being part of several other ROMs and ClockworkMod Recovery. We also found out that CyanogenMod 6 proprietary updater is being updated so as to associate with CM9 and CM10. We hope that you found this news quite helpful. Do let us know what you think about this CyanogenMod development.


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