Custom ROM for Xperia Active ST17i with root on 0.62 firmware

Hybrom V15 ROM for Sony Ericsson Xperia Active ST17i

If you are bored with your stock OS and in searching for features rich new custom ROM for Xperia Active then you are at the right place. The old rooting method seems not working after the current updated version of firmware 4.0.2.A.0.62. This gives you one more reason to try this custom ROM since it has root privileges too. Here is the list of features of Hybrom custom ROM for Xperia Active ST17i

  • Custom ROM Xperia ActiveRoot privileges
  • 4.0.2.A.0.62 Firmware i.e. Android 2.3.4
  • Go Launcher
  • Busy Box
  • Most of the bugs are detected and fixed
  • Many improvements added
  • SMS compression
  • ICS swipe notification
  • Sony Sketch Font
  • Touchscreen script
  • Reboot in fast mode and cwm
  • ICS transition animation
  • Tweaks for good scrolling
  • Tweaks that include a good management of memory
  • Cleaning script
  • Updated apps
  • And a lot more

Xperia Active Screenshots

How to install custom ROM Hybrom on Xperia Active ST17i

Disclaimer: The procedure as given here may damage your handset if you do not follow the steps properly. We would appreciate that you should take this up only if you have technical knowledge and you know at least what you are doing. Kindly install Hybrom to Xperia Active at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

First you can download HYBROMAN V15 for Xperia Active.  You can download it here : HYBROMAN V15 (WT19i)

It is important to note that you must unlock the bootloader of your Sony Ericsson Xperia Active before you install the custom ROM. Apart from this you will need to install ClockworkMod recovery and custom kernel for the ROM to get installed properly.

You can unlock the bootloader officially through the above link and here is how you can install ClockworkMod recovery for ST17i.

Install ClockworkMod recovery on Xperia Active

  1. Download ClockworkMod
  2. Then install ADB drivers.
  3. Run install-cmw2.cmd from the unzipped Clockworkmod folder. (Do not run install-cmw1.cmd)
  4. Enable USB Debugging on device. (Settings->Application->Development->check USB debugging)
  5. Now connect the PC and phone with the USB cable.
  6. Follow the instructions as shown on the screen to install Clockworkmod.

Moving on to installation of custom Rom on ST17i

  1. Copy the zip file which we downloaded initially to the SD card.
  2. Now reboot the phone into ClockworkMod.
  3. You need to make a full data wipe-factory reset.
  4. Along with that wipe cache and Dalvik cache.
  5. Install the zip file which we copied on to the sd card.
  6. It will take some time for the installation to get over. So wait a few minutes.
  7. Once’s its done, Reboot the phone. The first reboot might take some time to start and this is normal.
  8. Reboot again.

Follow the the above steps properly and you will get a brand new feature rich custom ROM for your Sony Ericsson phone. This procedure will install custom rom based on latest firmware 4.0.2.A.0.62 + Root + Clockworkmod recovery.


1) Why we need to custom Kernel?

A. Changing Kernel will let you to overclock the CPU and you can run it at almost double the speed. Keep in mind the this speeds up the system, but drains the battery too fast.

2) Why do I need to unlock the bootloader and how to do it?

A. Hybrom do not have a boot image. When it is installed without unlocking the bootloader, the CWM recovery causes a few issues. This can be resolved only with an unlocked bootloader. The procedure to unlock Sony Ericsson bootloader officially is given earlier by us.

3) Where does we get the custom Kernel?

A. The ClockworkMod already comes with custom Kernel.

We expect that installing custom ROM on your Xperia Active ST17i would now become very simple for you with the above guidelines. Congrats! You will now have an amazing custom ROM with super features!


  1. This is nice but… i have been reading about and, if we unlock the bootloader, we won´t recived anymore the official updates from sony, am I wrong?

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