Custom ROM for Spice MI 350N Android phone [Easy Installation]

Spice MI 350N Dual SIM Android phone is one of the most favorite devices in the low-cost Android market. The 650MHz processor and large capacitive touchscreen makes this phone a real charm to use. Apart from this, this android phone is equipped with rich features and useful specs.

Now coming to the point, we are sure that users would be searching for custom ROMs for this device so as to enhance the experience while using the handset. So here we present detailed information about first custom ROM for Spice MI 350N. Since leading XDA member Bala created it, it is named as Bala’s Custom ROM.

Features of Bala’s custom ROM for Spice MI 350N:

  1. Spice MI 350n custom ROMAll bloatwares removed.
  2. Addition of programs like root explorer, Go Launcher EX, Youtube, Google search, Google Play store, Barcode scanner, Terminal Emulator and Nexus Revamped pro live wallpaper
  3. RAM usage optimization
  4. Modified notification bar
  5. New colorful and amazing wallpapers added to the gallery
  6. Addition of Samsung Vibrant boot and shut sound
  7. New battery icon
  8. Status bar and drop down modification
  9. Added Nexus default ringtones

But keeping all the other features apart, why Bala’s ROM sounds to be super cool is mainly due to custom battery icon, modified notification bar, Go launcher and custom wallpapers. Do you feel like installing this ROM on your Spice MI 350N? If yes, then read on.

Disclaimer: While installing the mentioned custom ROM on Spice MI 350N, if anything goes wrong with your handset in regards to data or the device health then we shall not be held responsible for the same. Installing a custom ROM requires rooting. Rooting makes the phone warranty void and there is involvement of other risks as well like device bricking and so on. You should take up this procedure only if you have decent technical knowledge and at least you know what you are doing.

Requirements to install custom ROM

  1. Rooted Spice Mi 350N. Here is the tutorial to root Spice MI 350 and we would also suggest that before rooting the phone you take the back up of all the data, contacts and applications of the phone.
  2. Moded Recovery. ( you can get this from here).
  3. Make a nandroid recovery.
  4. Factory reset through phone or moded recovery.

Procedure for installing Bala’s Custom ROM on Spice MI 350N

  1. Download the file ‘‘ and copy it to your sdcard – root of the sdcard is preferred.
  2. After you are done with this, Go to recovery –> Flash zip from sdcard –> choose zip from sdcard and select
  3. Let the installation process get completed.
  4. After that the phone will reboot.
  5. Congrats, your new ROM is booting. It is important to note that deodexed version may take some more time to boot and so you should have that much of patience.


We have written the above article with reference to developers post at XDA forum. You can visit these links to get a detailed original thread and all the download links here: XDA Forum thread 1  & XDA Forum thread 2


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