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Imaginary ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy GIO

Samsung Galaxy GIO Ice Cream Sandwich update

One of the Senior member at XDA named Ahmed Hamouda came up with an amazing ROM called as Imaginary ICS ROM.This ROM supports Arabic officially and is completely different. Developer Delanoister ported this ROM on Galaxy GIO. We heartily thank both these XDA developers for amazing efforts in regards to Galaxy GIO development.

Samsung Galaxy GIO is really an amazing Android Smart Phone. So, now when you install Imaginary ROM on Galaxy GIO things are surely going to be more functional as well as productive. Many people still may not be quite comfortable with the concept of custom ROMs. For them, here’s the detailed explanation.

In the Android market, updates are quite common. Does this mean that your old android gadget is quite outdated now and you feel down due to that? It should not be so. This is because; even you can update your old phone and access the feature enhancements. On the other hand some users complain that they don’t like the burden of extra installations and software that has come along with the new phone. For them too, there is a solution. Installing custom ROMs (read only memories) on the android phone is the solution. Now, the question is what are Custom ROMs? Well, ROMs are basically low level programming that has the basic applications and operations due to which your phone would work. Custom ROMs refer to the tailor made Read Only Memories for different tablets and android phones.

Good news is, Android handsets have a large support from the developers’ community. This community has a good contribution in the field of development of custom ROMs. But the question is, is it worth to take this risk of installation of custom ROM on the android phone? The answer is it is true that installing custom ROMs is something that messes with your phone’s original Firmware. Of course, this is risky to a certain extent. The major risk is bricking of the handset. Thus, it is recommended that only when you have some knowledge about custom ROM installation on android gadgets. This is something not apt for people who do not have any technical knowledge.

For those, who have some technical knowledge and are ready to take the risk, there should be certain important things to be kept in mind:

The very first rule is, since this is a risky procedure you must take back up of the phone data. Yes, you must take back up of the stock ROM, phone data as well as the applications. For stock ROM back up, you can use ROM Manager. For phone applications and data, you can use Titanium Backup software. This is a vital procedure because, in case if you lose the data or application access, the back up will come down at your resort.

It is also important to note the positive side and that is, with Android Custom ROMs you can get free from the load of bloatware and unwanted applications that are given to you by default. Apart from that, it also includes features, like overclocking, themes, private browsing support, and so on.

Do you want to flash custom ROM on Galaxy GIO? If yes, just go through the disclaimer, features of ROM and download link.

Disclaimer: Since flashing ROM on Samsung Galaxy GIO is risky, you should do it at your own risk.

Features of Imaginary ICS ROM for Galaxy GIO

– Based on stock DXKT5 2.3.6 Galaxy Ace

– Supported 55 languages (Europe, Asian, Middle east)

– Default language: English

– System file is in ext4 format

– Pre-rooted


– Overscroll glow

– Ice cream sandwich bootanimation

– Ice cream sandwich keyboard and wallpapers

– And many other features…

This ROM is yet in the alpha stage and thus if at all testers are available, they can suggest the changes required and the bugs as present in the official thread of the XDA forum (given at the end of the post). It is important to mount the system before installing or flashing any patch. Also, there are a few requirements that needs to be fulfilled before you update Samsung Galaxy GIO with Imaginary ICS ROM. These pre-requisites include presence of stock ROM, wipe cache, Dalvik cache, Factory reset etc.

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