CM9 RC2 Available for Galaxy S3: Download Now

CM9 RC2 for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 Skyrocket with Support

Twenty days back CyanogenMod team came up with the update called as CM9 RC1. This was done on the day before Google made an official announcement of Android Jelly Bean. Today, we received the news that CyanogenMod team has updated the version to CM9 RC2. RC means release candidate. It refers to the fact that the developers already know about the bugs and they have fixed the same. But still, it need not be the full and final version. There may be some more issues that are yet to be sorted out.

The good news is, CM9 RC2 is available for Galaxy S3. Also, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket has received CM9 RC2 support. Thus assurance is being made that the software is becoming stable or not. Before the final version is brought out, such 3-5-5 versions are released in order to test and enhance the stability of the software. Thus RC2 is yet another achievement from CM team. Once the final version is out, CyanogenMod team can concentrate on CM10. Thus with every RC release, the hope that Jelly Bean would come up soon, becomes stronger.

It is important to note that CM9 RC2 for Samsung Galaxy S3 and CM9 RC2 for Galaxy S2 Skyrocket are not the only news we are going to give you. There are 3 more devices which will receive support from CM team and these include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (all variants)
  • Samsung Galaxy SII on T-Mobile – Hercules
  • Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T

You can download the CM9 RC2 version for your supported device at Get.CM. Also, the CyanogenMod team is doing all this work for free. We heartily thank them for their tireless efforts. We request our readers to donate CM team some money as well, so they can continue to support more devices in future.

If you are thrilled with the info that we have provided to you and you want to know more on this then kindly stay tuned. We shall provide you update on this as and when we receive them.  Also, we would like to make it clear that while downloading or using this ROM if anyting goes wrong with your Android then we shall not be responsible for that. Kindly read the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: Download and install the CM9 RC2 ROM for Galaxy S3 at your risk. The same disclaimer applies for other handsets also.





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