CM10 Development on Samsung Galaxy S3

CM10 on Galaxy S3 Expected Soon?

CM10 is really the greatest developments that are going on in the Android world these days. CyanogenMod team has taken Jelly Bean development very seriously. The team wishes to create the CM10 ROM for various devices. We have seen that there are some confirmed news, some teasers as well as some secret developments going on for Jelly Bean CM10. Now, since this is very much in thing, we just thought what implication this has on Galaxy S3. Well, at RootzWiki we could find something going on and we just thought of sharing the same with our readers.

As per the development we could witness it seems that this is CM10 Kang project for Galaxy S3 i9300. Galaxy S3 has ICS as of now. There are many ROMs that are being developed. But it seems that CM10 for Galaxy S3 is going to be something really good and that’s why there are many forums where users are actually asking about the developments going on in relation to CM10 Jelly Bean on S3.

But it is important to note that the ROM that we are going to discuss here is still in the developmental stage and it is just an Alpha CM10 for Galaxy S3. Thus you should be extra cautious with it. It is mainly for educational purpose. We would recommend that at this point it won’t be apt to use this ROM. Galaxy S3 CM10 has many bugs. Here are the details of the concerned ROM. But kindly go through the disclaimer before that.

Disclaimer: In order to use CM10 ROM for Galaxy S3 you will have to root your handset. Rooting an Android phone is a bit risky. Also, this ROM still being in the developmental stage there are some bugs and some things that are not working. We therefore recommend that you must go ahead with this only if you have enough technical knowledge. We are sharing this only for educational purpose. Take steps at your risk.

Details of CM10 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3:

Mod Type: ROM

Mod Status: Alpha

Mod Base: CyanogenMod

Carrier:Unlocked GSM

Requires Root: Yes

Apply In: CWM Recovery

Android Version: 4.1.1 (JB)

Video playback
Probably more

Since there are so many bugs this ROM has gone for rebuilding. In one way, it is good that before the ROM is shared with readers, the bugs that are there shall be cleared. We hope that CyanogenMod comes up with the perfect CM10 ROM for Galaxy S3 soon and this will surely enhance the user experience.



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