Clockworkmod undetectable Tether for Non-rooted Android Phones

Undetectable USB tetheringKoushik Dutta has a renowned name in the field of android development and the credit for releasing a new android tethering app that would work for non-rooted androids, goes to him. Yes, this is called as ClockworkMod Tether and it is the root free tethering application that remains unblocked and undetectable by the carriers. He has always gained reputation and recognition in development of useful ClockworkMod recovery and ROM Manager. Now, he has come up with one more rocking development. This is something really appreciable.

But for those who are still newbie in the field of android development it would be important to understand what exactly tethering means?

Tethering used in terms of Android phones means that, you are able to use the Android phone as a wireless hotspot. Yes, you just have to install connection between the handset and the computer. This will help you harness the power of 3G or 4G available on the handset to surf on your PC. But you might ask “hey, isn’t that already available in latest versions of Android?” – Yes it is already there, but detectable by the carrier or service provider. They usually allow Internet access only on phones and not to use it on our PCs. When they detect it tethered, they’ll temporarily block the downloads while on tethered mode. Here is where this cool little apps chips in. It can go completly undetected while giving a tethered connection to your PC or any other devices as a hotspot.

Many developers have carried out the experiments with this new app. You need to install this app and need to install the USB drivers also on Windows. However, in our case we used the application in Galaxy nexus. We just ran the application and plugged in to the Nexus and this installed tethering app. That’s it. But it is important to note that since this discovery is in the developing stage the app runs only for USB. But soon Dutta will come up with a better refined version.

Since the tethering app is very much on the alpha stage, it is suggested that it should not be installed and tested at this point in time. It is better to wait for the refined version. But if at all you are quite desperate then here’s the download links that are mentioned. But without installation instructions there won’t be much benefit either. Dutta has not yet clarified with the installation instructions because even he feels that it is too early to reveal.


Download the Tethering App here.

Over all, when this app would be completely on the proper mode, the process is simple going to be very simple. You simply have to run the respective setup and it should install the network adapter for you and the automatic process would start.

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