Better and Updated ICS Version for Xperia 2011 Devices

New Improved ICS Software for Sony Xperia 2011

Xperia One click root

Just a few days back we saw the post of Sony updating Xperia P with ICS. See here: Now, we have come up with amazing news for all the Xperia 2011 users aka Xperia Arc, Arc S, Neo, Neo V, Ray, Mini, Pro and Active. The news is surely going to thrill the users who have already installed ICS software. You might have seen some bugs and some issues with the ICS software you have. So, now what you will get from Sony is new and improved ICS for Xperia 2011. Sony officially claims that the new updated ICS for Xperia 2011 will have improvements and performance tweaks. Also, some bugs will be fixed. The best thing is, it is also anticipated that after Xperia Arc, Arc S, Neo V, Ray, Pro and Active even Sony LWW, Xperia Neo L and Xperia Mini Pro will get updated ICS.

Now, most of the users will have one question in mind and that is, how to get new ICS on Xperia devices? Well, the answer is simple. If you already have ICS on your handsets then you will get notification on your phone. You can download new ICS OTA (Over the air) on Xperia 2011 handsets. If you are still using Gingerbread version then you can upgrade using PC Companion.

If you think that you are already satisfied with the current ICS you have and do not feel the need to change then kindly read the information below very carefully.

Information regarding Updating the Android phone

Sony claims that updating Android phones with the latest software updates provides the phone a perfectly smooth environment. It is basically good for the phone and also user would be able to experience better features, performance tweaks and there would be availability of bug fixes as well. You can check the updates on the notification bar on the phone. However, Sony claims that the exact date as on which such notifications would come up can not be exactly specified, the reason being different locations and different operators.

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