Android Jelly Bean AOSP ROM developed for Xperia Pro

Jelly Bean 4.1 for Sony Xperia Pro

Since Android Jelly Bean 4.1 source code has been released by Google, it has been the real time for development on the Android platform. Every developer wants to be ahead in the race to produce n amazing port or custom ROM for various popular handsets. Of course, this seems to be good news for Android lovers who would get the taste and flavour of Jelly Bean ROM even before the official update.

As soon as there’s a new platform, everyone wants to test and try that. So, we have good news for Xperia Pro users. Many developers at XDA have concern for you guys and developments are going on to port Jelly Bean on Xperia Pro. Since Sony is a bit slow in rolling official updates, we feel that it will take time to roll official Jelly Bean on Xperia Pro as well as other Sony handsets. So we just thought to share this amazing piece of Jelly Bean port on Xperia Pro and credit for this goes to XDA’s developer azam426.

According to the developer this Beta ROM for Xperia Pro based on Jelly Bean is for testers who would want to take a risk of trying this ROM at this stage. Azam426 has come up with Xperia Pro Jelly Bean ROM and he was also able to boot up the ROM. This is not at all an ordinary achievement from the developer’s part. We appreciate him for his efforts and brilliant work. But to be modest, the developer clarifies that even though this is the first Beta ROM for Xperia Pro based on JB, there are only a few things that are working. This is more of a preview build. Of course, there are a few bugs which need to be concentrated on and they include:

Network issues

Wi-Fi issues

Display contrast

Many other things

Disclaimer: It is important to note that this is a beta version and thus those who have enough technical knowledge and Android bug can try this. If you are not much confident then you must avoid getting mesmerized with Jelly Bean 4.1 port for Xperia Pro. The name of this ROM is quite mesmerizing and it is, Jellyfish_B1. You can try the Rom if you want. But at your risk because, some risks like phone bricking, loss of warranty and loss of data are always there when an Android is rooted and/or custom ROM is flashed.

The link is available at the official XDA page which we have provided at the end of the post.

Jellyfish_B1 Jelly Bean ROM for Xperia Pro

The very first thing we would like to make clear is if you want to flash Jellyfish _B1 AOSP ROM on Xperia Pro then first you must take complete back up of your phone. This will help you to play safe if something happens with your phone while flashing the ROM.

Also, it is better to keep the phone charged to the extent of 70 percent in order to avoid any sort of disruption.

You can now follow the link given at the end of the post for testing Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM on Sony Xperia pro.


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